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Our Products

We manufacture a broad array of products like Drill Bits, Hss Drill Bits, etc. in association with various small scale manufacturers contingent upon the research works in varied fields concerning a particular sector. Our products are introduced only after proper testing and they are highly acclaimed by the users. Following are some of our products:

  • Drill Bits
  • HSS Drill Bits
  • Drill Rig
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Bore-Hole Drilling Rigs
  • Deep Well Hand Pumps. (Afridev, India Mark)
  • Compressors & Spares for drilling
  • Hammers for DTH & Rotarydrilling
  • Button Bits, Tricon Bits, Drag Bits
  • Drilling Rods
  • Drilling Muds & Accessories
  • Mobile Water Treatment Plants(RO).

New Developments

  • Consultancy in marketing to growing manufacturing industries in Drilling Rigs and its Spares like Drill Bits,Hss Drill Bits, etc.
  • Consultancy in marketing of Equipment for Oil Well Drilling & Geothermal activities.

Our Services

We are driven by a mission to come up with new ideas and create innovative techniques that can enable users in a holistic manner. Thus, we not only design and manufacture highly functional products and equipment like HSS Drill Bit, etc. but also provide practical training to carve out strategy for improvement in the specific sector. We also endeavour hard to introduce eco-friendly and cost-effective methods for enhanced producivity

We mainly take up consultation for Turn Key projects in drilling like Hydro geological survey of land where to drill.

Consultation for writing projects for drilling & installation of hand pumps for Donors who want to provide drinking water to the needy in areas with water scarcity.

Our Quality

Our enterprise offers impeccable quality products, which is a reflection of our extensive research and development in the field. We adhere to modern production techniques in the engineering field to uninterrupted products and services to our clients. This is the reason why our clients rely on our excellent quality products and service. We follow a scientific approach, which is completely practical and feasible.


We are not mere consultants of products and modern equipments. We are researchers with the objective to promote modern, environmental & user friendly, drill operator and practices. Many scientists, veteran drillers, expert drilling technologists & Hydro Geologists are associated with us who do their best to achieve our vision and goal.

We have maintained cordial relations with various NGO'S who are willing to support our concepts for development & creation of water facilities in water scarce areas.

Why Us?

Our Products are what we claim them to be as per the specification and design of the products. And we provide the proper Implementation of the products by experts which is value for the product.

  • Best products and services
  • Competitive rates
  • Technical support and consultancy services
  • Timely execution
  • Immediate feedback.

Our Clients

Till now our Target was individual drillers, but now having established a Good will would like to approach different foreign Countries at Government level. We ensure that our customers in any part of the world always have a smiling face while using our products like
Drill Bits, Hss Drill Bits, etc.

We wish to start a center where in Drillers from abroad can come to us to learn the use and get trained in our way of Drilling Practices on our Rigs.

Memberships & Accreditation

  • Products are duly certified by the competent authorities for different products, Like ISI, ISO Certification.